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As the competition in the book market is going high with time, the importance of a book cover also increases. There are hundreds and thousands of new books that are being launched in the market every day. With the increasing number of these books, what is the most important factor that makes a customer pick a book from the bookshelf? No doubt, it is the cover of a book. We all have observed it that whenever we go to a bookstore to buy a book, we are automatically drawn towards the books that have good and catchy covers.

A great book cover makes the book easier to sell and that is why publishers these days focus more on the quality of the book covers.

A cover is basically the face of a book. As our face can reflect our inner feelings, similarly a book cover can also reflect what is inside that book. Book covers play the role of introducing the book to the potential readers.

Diganta Bijoy @ is a well known name in the area of book cover design with more than thousand credits belongs to him.

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